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How to choose 4 methods that are beneficial for breaking the promotion, make good use of the jili game

bonus game

  • 1. Understanding the importance of multiples

  • 2. Understand the RTP of the game

  • 3. Jili's Game

  • 4. How to choose favorable conditions for playing

Understanding the importance of multiples
jili golden bank

Some slot machine games may have multipliers marked as 1000x, 2500x, etc. while receiving website bonus credits.We need to consider which games are beneficial for us to operate with a small amount of capital.Usually, the RTP of slot machines is around 96%. If you want to win high profits, play with high multipliers.Games that require a higher initial investment usually have a lower chance of winning, so they are not suitable.

Understand the RTP of the game


Regarding RTP, we can understand it in the simplest way by using 96% as an example. When you invest 100 units of currency, the slot machine earns 4 units from you. However, due to the appealing aspect of slot machines being able to give out multipliers for higher winnings randomly, the probability fluctuates. This does not mean that every spin of the slot machine has a 96% chance of winning, but rather there is a fluctuation in multipliers.

After understanding the definition of RTP, you will know why we should choose a lower multiplier to play, because the higher the multiplier, the more money the slot machine needs to invest in order to win a high multiplier jackpot.

JILI`s Game
jili gold rush

JILI's slot machine game is currently trending worldwide and offers players the freedom to choose from different multipliers.

Most games will indicate the multiplier, allowing players to determine how to participate in the game in a way that is advantageous to themselves. The gameplay of slot machines has evolved from simple line games to multi-line formats, with a wide variety of variations, but ultimately revolving around the key factors of RTP and payout multipliers. Each manufacturer strives to provide players with exquisite gaming experiences, allowing them to enjoy high-quality graphics and sound effects while experiencing gambling games.

How to choose favorable conditions for playing

Finally, let's talk about how many websites now offer a lot of discounts, and some even have free registration.

There will be a small amount of trial funds available for use, as we will all be playing and testing the game.

So, I will share some of the insights I have accumulated with everyone.

jili super ace

In Jili's slot machine game, choose to play categories with a payout of 5000x or less, preferably between 1000x and 2000x.

It is most advantageous to break the restrictions of the activity, as the amount given as a gift is equivalent to allowing us the opportunity to win higher prizes for free, but also pay attention to the restrictions on claiming website activities.

With the RTP of the game mentioned above fluctuating at 96%, we need to have sufficient funds and opportunities to break the limit. Therefore, games with lower multipliers will be our preferred choice for winning bonus rewards.

balato8 promotion

It is more difficult to break through promotions with free trials. You can refer to the deposit bonuses on websites, which usually have buy one get one free promotions and deposit activities with bonuses of up to 150% or more.

jili monet coming

Of course, if you want to experience more exciting high-risk, high-reward games, you can choose games with a multiplier of 10,000X or higher. The feeling of winning will be more thrilling, but please note that even though the RTP is the same, because the game offers high multiplier rewards, you will need to spin more times before winning.


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