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Unleashing the Thrills of Jili Jackpot Fishing: Tips and Tricks for Winning Big


Win Super Prizes Now! Get Rich Fast with a Diverse Range of Fish that Offer Unique Prizes, Objectives, and Locks! High Probability Species Emerge at Random, and After Catching Them, Prizes Increase by 5x!

Note: It is important to understand the rules and paytable before playing any online fish machine game.

Win Big with Jackpot Fishing! Take down your competitors with special torpedo weapons in this thrilling fishing game. With exciting events and refund opportunities, Jackpot Fishing offers a unique gaming experience. Score big with a 3-level jackpot prize, based on total stakes. Plus, look out for double bonus species for even more chances to win. No need to brave the elements, enjoy fishing from the comfort of your own home with Jackpot Fishing.

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Exquisite game screen

  • Publish Time: 2019

  • Highest Multiplier: Jackpots

  • Supported Platforms: Window / Android / Mac / HTML5

Jackpot Fishing game offers players a visually stunning and entertaining gaming experience. The game features exciting graphics and an engaging storyline that will keep players entertained for hours. The gameplay is simple yet challenging, providing a fun and exciting experience for players of all ages. The game is packed with a huge variety of fish, each with its own unique prizes, goals, and locks. High-probability species randomly appear and can increase by 5 times after capture, adding an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay. Players can also use special torpedo weapons to instantly knock down their opponents, making for a thrilling and competitive experience. With its special bonus double species, Jackpot Fishing is a game that is sure to provide hours of fun and excitement.

Game control panel

To make the most of your fishing experience, it's crucial to know the ins and outs of the game's operations. The game comes with a tutorial mode that provides a step-by-step guide on how to play, making it easy for even new players to get started. With this knowledge, you'll be able to better understand how to use the special torpedo weapons, which can instantly knock down your opponents, increasing your chances of winning the jackpot.

Effects Fish

After kill Thunder Shark,nearby fish will be shocker,and trigger Chain Lighting,the targetedfish will explode

After kill Torpedo Crab,throw Torpedoes in three different areas for a chance to catch the fish within the blast range.

After kill Sea Anemone,create a Whirlpool in the same place for a chance to trap fish in the range


Click on the Torpedo to switch to the Torpedo Artillery,and the tropedoes will be able to inflict greatere damage to the large fish,6 times the current bet is deduced for each torpedo

Special fish
When speciaes appear on the scene,players can consecutively gain the base multiplier rate by shooting and have a chance to win FIVE times the Super Win

Immortal Ocean King
When the Ocean King appears on the scene,you have a chance to consecutively win prizes by shooting.

Treasure Bowl

Treasure Bowl

When the Treasure Bowl appears o the scense,you have a chance to consecutively win the Small Prize(3X),or the Critical Hit Jackpot by shooting

Jackpot System
Jackpot Dragon

NOTE:Jackpot Fish and Jackpot Dragon have HIGHER CHANCE of winning jackpots

In Jackpot Fishing, there are three levels of jackpot prizes, and the amount you win depends on the total stake. The game also offers special events and refunds, making it even more exciting and worthwhile to play.

Chance to win Jackpot

  1. Jackpot Dragon

  2. Jackpot Fish

  3. Tresure Bowl

  4. Immortal Ocean King (King Squid, Golden Shark)

  5. Special fish species (Armored Fish,Anglerfish,Terrapin)

Rules for getting Jackpot

  1. JILI Jackpot:Place a bet of more than 5 more than 10 for multiplied Jackpots more than 80 for re-multiplied Jackpots

  2. Lucky Jackpot:Place a bet of more than 0.8 and have achance to win, more than 2 for multiplied Jcakpots

  3. Speed Jackpot:Place a bet of more than 0.2 and have a chance to win, more than 0.6 for multiplied Jackpots

The higher the bet,higher the Jackpot

Free Electric Cannon
  1. When you shoots,will accumulate enegry.Enegry is full,click thr button to summon the Electric Cannon,cause a large-range attack.

  2. The enegry will be converted according to the propotion of the bet&discharge is completed.

  3. 3 minutes after game disconnection,or player leaves the game,the enegry bar will be cleared.

So what are you waiting for? Cast your line and reel in big wins with Jackpot Fishing! With its visually stunning graphics and engaging gameplay, you'll be hooked from the first cast.

Where to play

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